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Mazatl has devoted his life to the preservation of pre-Columbian music. He has composed original scores for documentaries, films, and commercial recordings with his collection of more than 200 original instruments. 

Mazatl has appeared at the Museum of the American Indian in New York City, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Young Museum in San Francisco, Stonehenge in England, the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, and Machu Picchu in Peru. 

Mazatl's recordings with pre-Columbian instruments include: "Xochimok: New Music Ancient Sources" and "Quetzal: Music from the Heart of Maya". His work with vocalist and harpist Ani Williams led to the original recordings of "Songs of the Jaguar", "Children of the Sun", and "Luna Trece". He has created soundtracks from "Popol Vuh" and "Five Suns", animated films by Patricia Amlin based upon the myths and stories of the Mayan and Aztec peoples, as well as several scores for short films and commentaries produced by NBC, CBS, and PBS, about ancient archeological sites. 

Mazatl performed for several years with the Aveda-sponsored Native American rock band Red Thunder. They aired on VH-1 and MTV and participated in the HORDE Festival tours, performing with artists such as Blues Traveler, Natalie Merchant, Taj Majal, Dave Matthews Band, and Rickie Lee Jones. Mazatl also participated in a number of recording sessions with the renowned Robbie Robertson which includes his release of "Music for the Native Americans" and "Contact from the Underworld of Redboy". He also performed with Latin sensation Santana and world-renowned Taiko drum ensemble Kodo of Japan. 

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